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Author Archives: Cornucopia Living

  • Creating Your Eco Friendly Sleep Sanctuary Tips for Sustainable Slumber

    Creating Your Eco-Friendly Sleep Sanctuary: Tips for Sustainable Slumber

    In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, transforming your bedroom into an eco-friendly haven not only benefits the planet but also enhances your sleep experience. From sustainable bedding choices to energy-efficient lighting, making mindful decisions can significantly reduce your carbon footprint while elevating your slumber. Join us on a journey to create an eco-friendly …

  • From Farm to Bed The Journey of Ethical Sourcing

    From Farm to Bed: The Journey of Ethical Sourcing

    In an era where conscious consumerism is on the rise, the origin and production process of the products we bring into our homes have taken center stage. It’s not just about the end product; it’s about the journey it takes from its source to our living spaces. At Cornucopia Living, this journey is at the …

  • Sleep and Nutrition

    Sleep and Nutrition: The Surprising Connection Between Your Plate and Your Pillow

    Sleep is one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle, and its importance cannot be overstated. A good night’s sleep rejuvenates your body and mind, setting the stage for a productive day ahead. While factors like a comfortable mattress and a serene sleep environment play significant roles in ensuring quality sleep, your diet also wields …

  • yves junge kEv Ls1t9Zg unsplash scaled

    Empowering Women in Business: Cornucopia Living’s Success Story

    In the dynamic world of business, where innovation meets conscience, Cornucopia Living stands as a beacon of empowerment and sustainability. As a woman-led company, we have not only redefined the concept of high-quality bedding but also embraced the responsibility of creating positive change in the industry. Join us on a journey through Cornucopia Living’s inspiring …

  • 2021 1 07 Cornucopia LS Full Bed Blue Fog Percale 0889 copy

    The Powerful Connection Between Mental Health and Sleep: A Guide to Prioritizing Rest for Well-Being

    In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives, it’s easy to overlook one of the most crucial aspects of our well-being – sleep. While we often associate mental health with practices like meditation and therapy, the quality of our sleep plays a profound role in how we feel, think, and cope with life’s challenges. …

  • duvet supima cotton sateen set white cornucopia living 1 2

    Uncover the Link Between Quality Bedding and Better Sleep

    Have you ever considered the impact your bedding has on your sleep? It might surprise you, but the quality of your sheets, duvets, and pillowcases can significantly influence your sleep experience. This article will explore how investing in quality bedding can be your first step towards better sleep. The Connection Between Quality Bedding and Comfort …

  • Untitled design 3

    Understanding Thread Count: A Buyer’s Guide

    Navigating the world of bedding can sometimes feel like a daunting task, especially when terms like “thread count” come into play. Is a higher thread count always better? How does it affect the comfort and durability of your sheets and duvet sets? Let’s unravel the mysteries of thread count and its impact on your bedding. …

  • Cornucopia Blog Post Featured Image

    5 Steps Towards A More Sustainable Lifestyle

    Living a more sustainable lifestyle is something we can all aspire to. It not only benefits the environment but also creates a healthier, more balanced life for us and future generations. Today, we will explore five practical, everyday changes you can make to start your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Step 1: Reduce, Reuse, …

  • post2 featured image

    Surprise: Your Sheets Aren’t as Sustainable as You Think!

    Sustainability: it’s so much more than just environmentally friendly materials. Sustainability is a mindset, and one most large corporations haven’t fully adopted yet. Because in order to be truly sustainable, a brand must… A) Be affordable enough to where the masses can adopt it – or else it’s a luxury and sustainability requires all humans …

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